New Website

I regret to inform my readers that I retired this blog.

However, you can now follow all of my fashion writings and blog posts on my new site

Thanks for reading and be sure to check out the new site!



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Just a little graphic promo I threw together for the release! Make sure to check out today!

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Braids n’ Things

I ran into Kathryn Potraz last Wednesday evening, and her hair style caught my attention from across a crowded room. The hairstyle, which she calls the ‘swirly french braid,’ is a very unique style that gives off a bohemian-chic vibe. Of course, you would have to have relatively long hair to pull this style off, but either way I thought it was definitely worth sharing. Every strand of hair is used in this style that is twisted all around her head. I asked Kathryn to teach me how to replicate the look myself and here is what she said.

“To make the braid, I start with the outer rim of my hair (going counter-clockwise) and make a french braid – kind of like a headband. Then I just continue in a circle around my head until I get to the middle, where I usually run out of hair right against my scalp and just braid the leftover ponytail like a normal braid. Then I do a little bobby-pin magic, and voila!”

She told me that it only takes about five to ten minutes to complete, just as long as you have the arm strength to finish! Kathryn said that she likes to wear her hair in this style at least a couple of times a month because it keeps her long hair up off of her neck and out of her face. And, not to mention, it’s pretty cool too! I’m so glad that I got the chance to speak with Kathryn and snap a couple of photos. Hopefully I will be able to try the ‘swirly french braid’ out for myself sometime soon.

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I have BIG news… After a lot of hard work and struggling with finding time and picking a domain name, I have finally got my website – – up and running!

The website centers around another blog, but not so much Athens. And that is where this blog and that new blog differ. Of course I will continue to write for New York Style – Athens Address for as long as I am living in Athens, but I am taking this opportunity to start up a new blog that is more general and less to do about Athens/college. I hope to form it into something really unique and be able to “take it with me,” so to speak, through out the years.

So if you get a free minute, feel free to check it out and let me know what you think! I’m really excited to share it all with you.

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New Love.

Well, I have a new fashion love… and it goes by the name of:


Anyone who knows me know that I have a strong and lengthy obsession with Ray Ban sunglasses. (Wayfarers to be exact.) And while my Ray Ban shades will always be number one in my heart, I’ve stumbled across another brand of sophisticated eye wear – and I can’t take my eyes off of them. The brand, like I mentioned before, is called Super by RetroSuperFuture. The title may be a mouthful, but it completely explains the brand in those three words. They are taking classic and retro designs and bringing them up to date and into the future.

Some of their glasses and sunglasses do have a similar feel to the Ray Ban Wayfarer, however, they have many different interesting models as well. And like the Wayfarer, they are made with the utmost quality and are hand crafted in Italy. Price wise, they are right around the same price as Ray Bans, although some models are more expensive. This price depends on colors or special editions and whether or not some models are wrapped in leather. Either way, I have found myself falling in love with just about every model and frame shape. What RetroSuperFuture does best is combine great and interesting design with high quality materials and bright and attractive colors.

basic wayfarer

flat top



andrea colony


Whether you like to stick with the more traditional look of the basic wayfarer shape, the more modern flat top, the bulkier ciccio, the block-like ‘w‘, the crystal look of the andrea colony or the retro chic lucia frame, the Super sunglasses line is irresistible and hard to miss. And celebrities from all

corners of the entertainment world have been seen sporting these classy shades. People like Gwen Stefanie, Rihanna, David Beckham, Katy Perry, Kid Cudi, JK Rowling and Jessica Alba just to name a few… While the brand’s popularity is still climbing, its clientele is also growing.

I know that OU students and people of Athens often buy their clothing online, and since these shades are only sold in a select few boutiques worldwide, your best bet would be to purchase a pair (or three) online at stores like 80s Purple or EyeGoodies. And don’t forget that the possibilities of color and model are practically endless, as I could not discuss all of them in just this post. Perhaps if the brand continues to gain recognition in the future, they will be easier to hunt down and purchase. Until then, be one of the first and few to rock these retro stunners.

To find out more about RetroSuperFuture and how the brand started, click here. That also connects to their blog that shows all of the new models and news.

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New Recruits

Well we are about to embark on our third week of school and lots of things are going on. But I would have to say that one of the most substantial happenings is all of our new Thread members! The mix of the new school year and getting the word out to incoming freshman has contributed to masses of new members.

It’s so great to see Scripps 111 filled to the brim for two weeks in a row now. And with our first fall issue now underway, it feels great to get back to work. It’s especially fulfilling to see all of these new faces. To think back to how many people we started with and look where we are now is pretty incredible!

The creative directors and photographers are getting all of the photo shoot dates hammered out, and within a few days we will be shooting for our third issue. It’s very exciting, and I look forward to working with all of the new members of the magazine.

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