International Fashion

I met so many new and different people attending the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT). From New York to California and all of states in between, the whole country seemed to be accounted for. But aside from the United States, I went to school with students from all over the world. Geographically diverse and rich in culture, we played host to a wide array of nationalities. The majority of people hailing from Canada, France, England, Italy, Germany, China, Japan, Morocco, India and South Korea were among the most popular.

And with these diverse backgrounds came diverse fashion. One of the more interesting styles came from strong Asian influences; South Korean, Japanese and Chinese students had some of the most interesting clothes and fashions and were always quite intriguing and inspiring. Their trends seemed to spawn from the streets and trickle up with people tweaking things to make it their own.

Here at OU I was surprised to see the number of Asian students walking around campus, and was happy to see that the majority of them were just as well dressed and innovative as my friends from FIT! There are multiple distinct styles within the overall general Asian influence. One style is bold and colorful, and can even be described as playful. Or on the other hand, very stream lined, minimalistic and modern. The overall aesthetic is very unique, and I hardly see anyone wearing the same thing twice.

A fellow friend and writer for Thread Magazine, Catherine Caldwell, also agreed that this niche of stylish international students at OU have a great fashion sense about them. She mentioned her thoughts to me earlier tonight and it spurred my memories of friends and acquaintances from FIT.

Although the presence of these fashion forward students was much larger at FIT, I still appreciate and enjoy seeing those trends carried over here in Athens. I have always loved ‘out of the box’ design and style, and these students, especially, seem to embody that.

Some websites and stores dedicated to these different styles are listed below. I would suggest taking a look at them and comparing them to the U.S. based styles and online stores you regularly visit. Most of these sites also have links to other new and interesting fashion related websites. You could easily purchase any of these vibrant styles for your own wardrobe.


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